Urban Sculpture > Cycle of time 1

Cycle of Time

Wood, Iron & Stone

210.170.210 cm


Time is an invisible phenomenon, which governs our world and is always accompanying us like a shadow everywhere. We ca feel its presence in our heart beat or in the moments of waiting for a due date. We can consider it merely the result of our approach to the world. Indeed not to some part of reality of the world but rather our imperfect knowledge of truth of the world. Because if we knew the truth of the world, there would be no concept called time.

Our mind uses time to determine the chain of developments and changes of the world. Because of this, time is an abstract concept whose understanding and measurement differs depending on various attitudes. In fact, the concept of time, because of its nature, is complicated and ambiguous which is the result of its being fluid. Sometimes it swallows part of the life like a tyrant power and sometimes it presents life so calm that one thinks there is no end for it. Its power is neither … nor visible, but like a wheel, it makes the life move.

Time can be the pre-condition of all phenomena; the unmediated condition of internal phenomena and the mediated condition of external phenomena. We have somehow specified its external form through making measurement devices. But what is its internal form? We know that a trip in internal space, is the manifestation of spatiality of time experience. But its temporal course is much different. In the course of time, a past that has passed can make the present again. It means that the history can be restored in various forms and versions of the present time; because no present time exists in itself, its being rather depends on its relation to an expansion. In its definition, any moment has a hidden or virtual existence and time is nothing except a moment in dissemination.

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