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The Symphony of Hearts


The idea of this project comes out of a collection of bronze artworks titled “Silence” (2015), presently in my private collection. This new work, titled “The Symphony of Hearts,” will be an installation specifically designed for a public art project with the co-operation of …………… and ……………. It is scheduled to be installed in a residential space in spring 2023 located at 1327 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

Diverse methods of expression have always fascinated me. Manipulating its myriad forms has been so important to me that “The Symphony of Hearts” project is a means through which I will examine how public art – combined with music – interacts with the diverse cultures and communities in my city, Vancouver.

These forms of non-verbal communication are unique methods to convey concepts from one individual to another. This method is amorphous and formless, rooted in the world of emotion that strengthens the bond among individuals and articulates their needs much more efficiently than verbal communication or body language. Such a connection resembles a symphony that is being performed interminably, not through sound or words, but through the creation of a deep relationship that language fails to express. It seems as if hearts begin to communicate in their own unique language, opening up the secrets of coexistence and intimacy, fulfillment of dreams and a charm that overcomes all barriers.

“The Symphony of Hearts” consists of an abstract juxtaposition of light, as well as lips, throats and hearts cast in bronze. They will be installed on the wall at the entrance of the private residence as well as the wall on the second floor, interacting with a myriad of visitors. The installation is broken down into two distinct sections: the first part (11x50x40 cm) will be installed near the entrance and its adjacent wall; and the second part (400x15x15x400cm) will be on a wall at the top of the building that overlooks the street. What these parts have in common is a synthesis of shapes of musical notation, wind instruments and various heart forms.

This combination of heart and music leads us to a world of expression that does not require translation, impacting people from diverse cultures similarly. At first glance, one perceives the fundamental commonalities among the artworks, artistic intention and visitors: similarities in emotions, feelings and desires. This culminates into a kind of symphony that carefully unpacks our relationship to the world and transcends universal emotions.

Another significant part of the installation is light ……………… shining from behind the bronze forms, which enhances the relationship between the art, city and viewers – particularly in the darkness. The lights are important in that they integrate the concept of time into the installation and highlight the continuity between all parts. The symphony, as a result, performs among the many moments of peoples’ lives, day and night.

The Concept of the Project

“The Symphony of Hearts” invites isolated and lonely hearts of the modern world to play an unrehearsed, improvised piece of music in harmony. This work speaks to the necessity of togetherness. The bronze cast hearts are installed within this work to perform in isolation, far from each other, but their interaction with people and the architecture reunites them, helping to empathize commonalities and leave behind feelings of isolation. “The Symphony of Hearts” is a cure that is capable of bringing us together so that we practice building an enriched life together.


Common human and cultural elements, interactions with local individuals and visitors, and a consistent relationship between public art and the wider public are paramount in this installation. It encourages various communities to create a stronger bond and gather towards a common purpose for joint activities in the city. This project is set in West Vancouver, home to a population of diverse cultural backgrounds who have immigrated to the area for work or investment. The residents speak different languages as their first language; a fact that normally impedes their cultural integration and attracts them to their own communities, with a shared language. Therefore, public art projects that strive to create close bonds with the city and its inhabitants can affect peoples’ mindsets and enhance their community involvement overall. “The Symphony of Hearts” installation initiates a melody that emphasizes a common language among our hearts and invites people to create a different world by using the positive potentials of the region.

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