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Coper & Stainless Steel

43.30.140 cm

Bronze & Stainless Steel

42.44.42 cm

Let my see through

Caper & Aluminium

110.9.115 cm


Direct confrontation with war and violence is naturally perplexing. Immediate disgust articulates itself in the body as violent actions and feelings of empathy move towards innocent victims. With its all-consuming presence, the violence of war continuously prevents us from thinking for ourselves. It requires a type of distancing, otherwise known as alienation, between us and “the other.” However, behind this “other” is an imperceivable abyss of misrepresentation. Perhaps it is because of this cacophony of aggression and greed that we feel deep wounds within our contemporary selves; an arduous condition that seems almost impossible to illustrate or comprehend. This distancing, felt both internally and externally, has created a ground for deep rooted social isolation and the displacement of desire, as described by Lacan.

In the midst of these tense situations, the media only assists in our alienation by bombarding us with every form and detail of human crises. It should be remembered that the media functions by focusing on one specific global crisis at a time in order to limit visibility, gain further control over disseminated information and marginalize other vital issues that inform the larger context of global politics. We are entrapped by a dense wall of distraction and euphemism composed of endless systemic violence. This sharp wall reflects the rhetoric and pedagogy that is recited to us, gradually wearing down independent forms of thought and understanding.

Here, blades of deception confront each other and present characteristics of the “war machine.” This insidious machine represents the many meta-narratives and repetitions of history, mythology and religious fundamentalism, positioned against a basic compassion. This machine is an ideological chief; an aim polished and cunning in appearance with an equally destructive nature. Its achievements have given way to accelerated crime, fear, repugnance, discrimination and disastrous effects on democratic political and economic systems. These forces fight against each other and at points of confrontation, instead of becoming neutralized, violence only intensifies.

No definite solution can be articulated to mend these increasing global divides, but to recognize that they are able to be displaced with non-violent action is significant. Violence may only be controlled through transparency and communication; truth will only last through this non-violence. As Gandhi states, “A tree has only one trunk but it has a lot of branches and leaves.” Therefore, if a person carries with them a sense of clarity or truth, we must open our ears to explore meaningful and peaceful collaboration.

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